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    Balu Rathod

    i am connecting pi ,checked the led with pins which are connected to inputs of l298n .and they worked as programmed .when i connected the inputs of l298n the pins of raspberry pi .at the outputs of l298n i am getting 10v at both terminal.but when i connect motors .the voltage acrros is 0.3v adn drop to 0v .i checked motor external power supply of 12v .they worked .but when i connected to h bridge l298n driver they not working. i am connected 12v of supply to the l298n and groung comman to raspberry pi

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    Please clarify your question..
    “i am getting 10v at both terminal” which terminals are you talking about? Terminals where you connect the motor?
    “at both terminal”? One terminal should be at 10V and other should be 0 for a motor to rotate. If both are at 10 V withrespect to the ground, it wont work.

    First of all, there are two pins where we have to supply the input power, both are for entirely different purposes. One is for driving the motor which can handle a voltage of 6 V to 30 Volt and the other will power up the IC for the internal circuit which is 5V. Under no circumstances, you should not interchange these two pins or it may burn off the chip.

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      Balu Rathod

      sir, i am talking about out1 ,out2,out3,out4 of l298n driver board. when i checked the out1 and out2 with help of multimeter am getting 10v as output .but when i connect the out1 and out2 the motor is not working and output voltage across them is 0.3v and drop to 0v .

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    If all the components you are using is good, power source is reliable and can provide enough current, following the below tutorial should work.

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    Either there is something wrong with the code. Or there is something wrong with the hardware.

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