AI Camera for Arduino | Connecting HuskyLens to Arduino Tutorial

HuskyLens Arduino Tutorial

Hey guys welcome back. In the previous post, I showed you everything you need to know about HuskyLens,  what is a HuskyLens, what a HuskyLens can do on its own and how to upgrade the firmware of HuskyLens. Check out the link below to know more about Huskylens.

In this post, I am going to show you how you can connect HuskyLens with Arduino and read data from it. Now let’s get started.

HuskyLens Getting Started Video

Things Needed to Connect Arduino – Huskylens

For this project, you will need an Arduino board, here I’ll be using an Arduino Nano,  a USB data cable, a Husky lens and some connecting wires.

Arduino HuskyLens Setup Video Tutorial

Steps to get data from Arduino to HuskyLens

Step 1 – Download Arduide IDE

First thing to do is download and install the latest version of Arduino IDE from this page.

Arduino Husky Lens Library

Once it is done we can now download and set up the HuskyLens library.

Step 2 – Download Arduino library for HuskyLens

To do that, first click on this link and go to this website from where you can download the Arduino library for Huskylens.

This is the HuskyLens Arduino Master, which is the library which we will be using to connect HuskyLens with audino. Now you can go ahead and  download HuskyLens Arduino Master.

Step 3 – Installing the Library

Once the download is completed, right click and extract. Once the file is extracted you will see all these files. The folder HuskyLens contains Arduino Huskylens library files.

Huskylens library for Arduino

You can install it in multiple ways. An easy way to do is right-click and copy this folder and paste it in the Arduino library folder.

Step 4 – Connections

The connections are very simple,  all you have to do is connect 5 volt to 5 volt ground to ground TX to pin 10 and RX to pin 11.

Step 5 – Testing

Now, you can start Arduino IDE. In the IDE, 

Go to Files > Example > Huskylens and select “Get Started”.

This library will do all the hard work for you, this library makes use of a ‘software serial’ library which will add an extra serial port to your board.  

Now select the right boat and Port and click on  compile, Once it is compiled you can go ahead and click on upload. Now start the serial monitor. 

arduino huskylens serial monitor output

You can set various modes in HuskyLens, such as a line tracking object tracking face detection and save various outputs that are being displayed on the serial monitor.


So now you know what do you do with it when you recognize a color or an object. So let’s check that out. In the next video, I am going to show you how you interface this board with Arduino to make cool robots and other projects and do some fun stuffs! Stay tune guys!

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