How to Boost WiFi Speed | Get Long Range WiFi

Increase WiFi Speed and Get Long Range WiFi

Some of the foremost common queries that come back to our mind after we install a WiFi router in our home are – Which is the best WiFi router antenna position in your home? Where to position the WiFi Router in your home? Which the best WiFi antenna orientation for maximum range? How to Increase WiFi Speed? How to position and place WiFi antenna for maximum coverage? How to get Long Range WiFi Network?

Long Range WiFi Tips - High Speed WiFi

In this post we will be answering all of these questions and by the end of this post, you should be having a strong and long range high speed WiFi network.

Tips for High Speed WiFi | Long Range WiFi

Tip 1 – Correct WiFi Router Placement for Long Range and High Speed WiFi

Now, let us position the WiFi router somewhere we might get most WiFi range.

As mentioned in my previous post, the utmost distance an antenna will cover (transmit or receive) depends upon the energy/power gain of the antenna, which is a constant for a selected antenna. Most typical home routers have a gain of 5dBi-9dBi that is enough to envelope a medium-sized house if placed properly with High Speed WiFi.

WiFi Router poition for Single Storeyed House

One Something you wanna do is place your router at the middle of your house, as it broadcast the signal radiate in equal strength in every direction. If attainable, itโ€™s a good plan to place your router in a space, where the antenna of the router is in direct line of sight from wherever position your device is. This may facilitate the transmission Wireless Signal round the home with less dissipation.

WiFi Router Position for Double Storeyed House

Increase wifi range for double storeyed house

If it’s a high-rise building, the router ought to be placed somewhere in between the primary floor and the second floor for covering most vertical range, just like the ceiling of the bottom floor or somewhere close to the ground of the primary floor.

Tip 2 – Use External WiFi Antenna for Long Range WiFi

Some of the WiFi routers permit you to vary the antenna that’s available; usually, the recent routers have the antenna removal possibility. Usually, the WiFi router antennas provided by the manufacturer are going to be having two dbi or three dbi power gain, that is extremely low when put next to the presently accessible antenna.

Best WiFi Antennas 2020 | High Speed Long Range WiFi

Top WiFi Antennas of 2020 for Long Range High Speed WiFi High Speed Affordable WiFi Routers for 2020 – Links- ——— Alfa 9dBi WiFi Antenna – Highfine 2 x 6dBi 2.4GHz 5GHz Dual Band Antenna – HUACAM HCM82 8dBi Dual Band WiFi ntenna – Alfa 2.4HGz

Therefore if your router will support the removable antenna, you’ll get a better gain antenna sort of a 5dbi or a seven dbi. that may considerably increase WiFi Range.

Tip 3 – Setting Correct WiFi Encryption for Maximum Speed

WiFi Security for maximum wifi speed
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About WiFi security, for maximum speed and range of wireless network, it is better to go with the WPA2 + AES. Any other security protocol other than this such as WEP, will drastically reduce the WiFi speed of the entire network. If you are using old encryption like TKIP or WEP, I suggest you move your WiFi security to WPA2 + AES.

Pointing WiFi Router for long Range
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Tip 4 – Pointing WiFi Router Antenna the Right Way

WiFi router antenna position and pointing plays a crucial part in the over all performance of the WiFi Router.

Single Antenna Router Position for Improved WiFi Range

Pointing WiFi Router for long Range
for Single Antenna Router
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In the case of isotropic antenna (the one which is present in almost all the WiFi Routers) direction in which WiFi signals are emitted will be always perpendicular to the direction you point the antenna.

If you want to cover maximum horizontal range, you should be pointing the Router antenna vertical.

If you want maximum vertical range, you should be pointing the Router Antenna horizontal.

Double Antenna Router Position for Improved WiFi Range

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In the case of WiFi atnennas with 2 antennas, it is best to point one antenna horizontal and one vertical as one of the antenna will cover maximum horizontal distance, the other will cover maximum vertical range.

Tip 5 – Use a WiFi Booster or a Repeater

WIFi Repeater for Boosting WiFi
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WiFi repeaters are small networking devices that will increase the range of WiFi network in your home. These devices can be placed where you feel like the WiFi strength is dropping. Once the device is set up, it will feed on the existing WiFi network and creates a new network with boosted signal creating a stronger and wider network. These devices are cheap and can be easily set up.

Tip 6 – Use USB WiFi Receivers

Best <a target=USB WiFi Repeater

Another way to increase WiFi range is to use USB WiFi receivers or WiFi dongles. These are USB devices which can be connected to your PC or other devices which will acts as a seperate WiFi interface. Some of the dongles comes with external WiFi Antennas which will significantly improve the WiFi reception capability.

Tip 7 – Stop Interference

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Another thing to be taken care of is the electro magnetic intereference that are caused by other electrical and electronic devices near your WiFi Router or the WiFi Client Device. These days, lots of electronic/electrical applicances such as Smart TVs, baby monitors, microwave ovens or even motors can interfere with the WiFi signal. So you want to keep the router away from other electronic devices.

Tip 8 – Get a Good WiFi Router

None of these are working for you? Is it becaue the WiFi router is too old? Well check out this list of awesome Affordable WiFi Routers. Cheap wireless routers that still offer fast internet speeds, large coverage, and future-proof features.

Whether you stream lots of videos, are a hardcore gamer, have a 2-story house or even need a router with plenty of parental controls, we have you covered.

Written by Krishna S

RootSaid Technologies | Managing Partner

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