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How JLCPCB Responds to the Coronavirus?

Hey folks!  2020 is a tough time for everyone. JLCPCB factory planned to keep operating during the 2020 spring festival. More and more people were affected by COVID-19 at the end of January. As we are all carefully watching the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

JLCPCB Surface Mount Assembly
Surface Mount Assembly

JLCPCB had disaster preparedness and business continuity plans in place for some time to minimize the impact to our customers.

While we do not anticipate significant disruptions to our operations, we are taking a number of precautions, following the recommendations of the China Government and WHO. 

First and foremost, JLPCB actively must ensure the health and safety of our staff in all factories, and the continuity of our operations.

For staff in factories, JLCPCB gives them with free masks every day from enhanced cleaning and social distancing measures to new efforts like disinfectant spraying.; For staff came from home , JLCPCB provide them with free hotels during14-days quarantine period ; staff works remotely with pay . 

JLCPCB will not layoff any workers despite the ongoing fallout from the coronavirus outbreak.


Any order directly related to diagnostics and treatment of COVID-19 will be given priority in JLCPCB . 

To supplying materials to Wuhan hospitals that are making various types of medical equipment (Such as ventilators) to help handle the COVID-19 crisis , JLCPCB factories keep 7*24hours operation .The ventilator can give the patient time to fight off the infection and recover.



When the coronavirus outbreak in China, shipping, and fulfillment from China were majorly affected due to strict anti-coronavirus measures being put in place.

We piled up a huge volume of package waiting for shipping out .We had to postpone the delivery date of some order. At the mid of late in February, with coronavirus almost controlled in China , JLCPCB factories resumed nearly all production and packages were shipped out . 

With the severe outbreak of COVID19 worldwide, some countries and regions have adopted a series of prevention and control measures, which will affect the international transportation business. To reduce risk of delayed delivery to a minimum, we’ve adjust our logistics, transportation and monitor the situation day-by-day together with our logistic partners.  


Today, all JLCPCB services are back to normal and ready for you! 

One World, One Fight !! We look forward to all over the word can tide over the difficulties tog, safeguard the common health and well-being of all, to win the battle against COVID-19, and protect our beautiful homeland. 

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