Try to include all the points, technical problems you encountered during the project development and their solutions as it might be really helpful for beginners.

Add pictures and videos wherever possible.

There are two methods by which you can submit your project – using Online Editor or using E-Mail

Never copy and paste contents from one website or blog. Such articles will not be accepted.

Using Online Editor

You can directly fill up the form below and submit the article. Due to security reasons, we have restricted direct file upload. To upload the file, you can

  • Upload the files in Google Drive or other cloud services and paste the link in the article             or
  • Email the files to with correct project name

Send Us a Mail

Or you can draft an article in MS Word and send us your project to

The file should be in docx, doc or pdf format.

Make sure you have included every detail in the mail

Either way, we will review your project and publish on our website within 24 hours.

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