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    Off Road Robot With 4 Wheel Drive | Arduino Badland Brawler

    The path to an Off Road Robot – Our last two projects – The Spinel Crux V1 and The Spinel Crux L2 have been Revolutionary success with in and outside our community. We built a gesture controlled robot and we made an addon –  a robotic arm and fixed on top of it. Our project […] More

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    Robotics for Kids & Beginners – How to Build a Robot

    Robotics for kids : image from - https://www.braingroom.com

    This post is for people especially beginners and kids who are getting started with robotics. In this post we will guide you through the basic of Robotics for Kids and will learn how to build a robot easily. Getting Started with Robotics for Kids and Beginners We will explain how to make a plan, what […] More

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    Myoware EMG Sensor – Arduino Tutorial | Cost Effective EMG Sensor

    openbci myoware emg sensor arduino

    Few months back I did a project on EEG sensor and Arduino – Raw EEG signal extraction using Mindflex and Building a Mind Controlled Robot. This time, I decided to do something related to muscles. A simple Arduino Project encorprating an Easy to Use EMG sensor which will allow you to read electrical activity of […] More

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    Pick and Place Robot Arduino Tutorial | DIY Robot

    Hope you have gone through the introduction part of the Spinel Crux L2 – Arduino Pick and Place Robot with Robotic Arm. Looks cool with under glowing lights right? Why not build one for yourself? Here we will learn how to build a robot and connect a robotic arm on top of it and build […] More

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    Chakra Healing Harmonizer – Arduino Meditation

    Chakra Healing Harmonizer – Arduino Meditation A step to combine the technology and spiritualism. Introducing the Chakra Healing Harmonizer – Arduino Meditaion Helper. This project demonstrates the use of electronics and embedded system with Chakra Meditation. This is my step to put forth to help a yoga institution and to create an awareness about Chakra […] More

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    Arduino CLI – Program, Compile & Upload Codes using arduino-cli

    Arduino CLI Arduino has launched its own CLI (Command Line Interface) Tool that allows us to code, compile and upload codes to your arduino boards using command prompt(Windows) and Terminal (Linux and MAC). ARM Support The best thing about this you can easily install and run Arduino CLI on both x86, x86 64 as well […] More

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    Piano Using Arduino Tutorial

    Lets have a little bit fun with Arduino shall we? We will now create a mini arduino piano using Arduino and speaker. This project is really cheap and fun to play with. Components Needed  Arduino Board  Piezo Buzzer  Push Buttons x 7 Jumper Cables Bread Board Start Building Your Own Arduino Mini Piano Check out […] More

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    Ultrasonic Sensor Arduino Distance Measurement & Result on LCD Screen

    ultrasonic sensor arduino

    In this project, we will use an Arduino Uno and an ultrasonic sensor to measure the distance and display that measured value on an LCD screen using Arduino. Here you will get complete tutorial, codes and instructions to make one yourself. Components Required Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 Arduino Board Breadboard and Jump Wires What is UltraSonic […] More

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    Arduino IO Simulator Drag, Drop and Draw

    Arduino Simulator This Arduino Simulator is different than all the other simulators. If you don’t have components like sensors, Leds then this program will simulate the components for you. You need a real Arduino board for testing your programs with your computer and just change some codes to work with the simulator components. How Arduino […] More

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    Moisture Sensor Using Arduino

    Arduino moisture sensor

    In this post, I will show you how you can use a moisture sensor with arduino to measure the moisture/water content of a place. This can be used to sense rainfall in smart weather sensors, water content of the soil for smart irrigation projects etc. Arduino can be easily programmed to work with this moisture […] More

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