Latest Robotics Projects and Arduino Tutorials

What all we Provide?

Complete Step by Step Tutorials on

Robotic Projects

Complete Step by Step tutorials on various Robotics Projects with complete information and resources to completely make a Robot with out any cost, absolutely free of charge.

Arduino Projects

Useful Arduino Projects that encorporates latest technology – newest boards and sensors that you can try from your own home, with out spending much money. Sounds cool right?

Research & Development

Well, you might not get it right the first time. It may fail the first time, but never backout. Just try and try again. Use our resources and chat groups to find people who are working with similar projects and clear your doubts.

IoT Tutorials

I hope you all agree Future is IoT right? Here you will find lots of Projects and Tutorials based on IoT Projects based on Arduino as well as Raspberry Pi. Awesome IoT Projects that you can do on your Own.

Hardware & Software Video Training

We do have a video Tutorials for our community members in various Social Media Platforms like YouTube, IGTV as well as Facebook from where you can learn a lot of stuff.

Linux and Security

What is the point of technology if it is not secure? Learn how to protect your projects and devices using the best Security Measures you can employ right away.

Research & Development

Like mentioned before, RootSaid is a Community By the Makers, For the Makers. We do team up with our partners and sponsors and do some amazing works with them. Here is a complete list of our partners. We are working with.

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It’s Never Too Late or Too Early to Get Started with Robotics

We do believe Age is just a number! So it’s never late to start your adventure. So, hope on and start building your first Robot.

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