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Best WiFi Router in India | Dualband WiFi Routers 2020

Best Budget Router in India 2020 Introduction

Here are some of the Best WiFi Routers in India for home use as well as office use, that you can own under Rs 7K. These routers are the most affordable at the same time provide high-speed internet and long coverage for bigger houses. These Dualband WiFi Routers are also equipped with the latest technology that can give you better control over the network.

Top 10 wifi router in india
NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 WiFi Router

If you are a hardcore gamer or heavy video streamer, these WiFi Routers have you covered. So go through them, choose one, own one and you will never have to think about buying any other WiFi Routers. I will provide the links of these router in amazon India so that you can buy it directly from the Indian online market.

Here is a list of Best Budget Router in India you can buy online from amazon right now! Check that out!

Best WiFi Router in India 2020

IndexRouter NameAntennasPurchase Link
1NETGEAR Smart WiFi R6230 (AC1200)2Buy it Now!
2Google WiFi5Buy it Now!
3TP-Link Archer C76Buy it Now!
4ASUS Dual-Band RT-ACRH13 (AC1300)4Buy it Now!
5Motorola AC 17006Buy it Now!
6TP-Link Archer AX15004Buy it Now!
7ASUS RT-ACRH17 (AC1700)4Buy it Now!
8Synology RT1900ac3Buy it Now!
9TP-Link Archer A9 or C9 Router3Buy it Now!
10NETGEAR Nighthawk R6700 (AC1750)6Buy it Now!

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Tips for Improving WiFi Speed and Range

Even if you are the owner of the best WiFi router of the world, if that isnt properly configured, you will be getting really pathetic performance. You will be getting really bad WiFi Speed and low Coverage.

Here are a few simple tips and hacks you can use to improve your WiFi networks speed and range.

Top 10 Dualband WiFi Routers in India

1. Google WiFi

Behold the Google WiFi router. Yes, Google’s Original WiFi Router. These routers can provide you super speed and long-range WiFi at an affordable price.

Even though they released the next version of Google WiFi – The Google Nest WiFi, this is by far one of the best WiFi Router that is available in India. They are significatly less expensive than the Google Nest. This also has almost all the features that is available in Nest WiFi.

Google WiFi looks good, is easy to set up and provides a good experience same as that of Nest.

best WiFi router 2020
Google WiFi Router
Top Wifi routers

It is easy to create mesh networks using Google WiFi with multiple units around the home. You can easily download the app in your smart phone, turn on the devices and start configuring and set up in a matter of minutes. It also have parental controls, QOS and options to integrate with google assistant.

Google Wifi Router

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2. TP-Link Archer C7

Another WiFi Router considering the combination of all the good qualities such as speed range and price is TP-Link Archer C7. Simple, Compact and Easy to use.

TP Link Archer C7 WiFi Router
TP Link Archer A7
Affordable WiFi Router in Amazon

Basically, if you are not willing to pay a lot of money on a WiFi router, go for Archer C7. It have received an Amazon’s Choice award and even has nearly 18,000 positive reviews, and almost the entire internet will say it’s a great choice.

TP Links Best Router

This fast Dual-Band WiFi Router can support both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. This is a Gigabit WiFi router that is equipped with latest 802.11 AC standards. That can provide a Wireless network of the speed of upto 1,750 Mbps. It has six antennas which will enable you to cover your entire home or office. There are two USB ports for connecting USB devices such as pen drives and hardisks for media sharing, a 2-year warranty, QoS, and you can even flash custom software like DD-WRTinto it.

3. ASUS Dual-Band RT-ACRH13 (AC1300)

If our 1st few suggestions are too costly, and you don’t ought to pay money for the quickest speeds attainable, an excellent option is that the ASUS ACRH13.

Best Home Router 2020
Asus AC1300
Amazing Best Home Router 2020

This router can stream live TV with Sling TV, play Xbox, and can provide awesome speed with and server more than 10 devices connected to it simultaneously. This router is also equipped with latest 802.11 AC and is a dual band router with gigabit speeds. Another great this is that this router has 4 external antennas that can cover long distances if configured properly.

Asus Dual Band WiFi Router
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The router is also equipped with MU-MIMO (multiple input/output). This enables the WiFi router to communicate with other devices simultaneously instead of one at a time.

4. Motorola AC 1700

This is the best WiFi Router available in India if you have a large area to cover. Even if you have a large house or cover a whole office and don’t want to use other devices to extend range, go for Motorola AC 1700.

Best Dual Band WiFi Routers
Top Dual Band WiFi Routers

This one is a budget router that have almost all the qualities of the previously mentioned routers of this list. And the best thing is, it have 6 External WiFi Antennas that can radiate high power WiFi Signal across your Home.

2020 WiFi Routers

This is also a dual-band WiFi router with four of the external antennas radiates 2.4 GHz WiFi signals and 2 of them shoot out 5 GHz signals.

5. NETGEAR Smart WiFi R6230 (AC1200)

This is almost similar to the Asus Router that was showcased on the top of the list. This is also an affordable WiFi Router that have all the qualities of a Dual-band Router.

NetGear dual band wifi router
NETGEAR Smart WiFi R6230
dual band wifi router from amazon

This can provide all the qualities of Archer C7 with less speed. This one can provide a speed of 300 Mbps on 2.4 GHz and 900 Mbps on 5 GHz bands. This router has QOS controls and beamforming technology equipped with latest firmware.

Netgear WiFi Router Back
NETGEAR Smart WiFi R6230

You can also customize the router settings for video streaming or live gaming. Configuration is a piece of cake as this router can be easily set up using Nighthawk app on your smartphone.

6. TP-Link Archer AX1500

This is one of the latest WiFi Routers from TP-Link you can own right now. Powered by highly refined firmware running on latest WiFi chipset, these routers can provide a nice user experience when it comes to Wireless networks.

india wifi router
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This router with 4 external antennas helps to run the WiFi network on a wide range of channels that enables devices to communicate without external interference. This High-speed Dual Band WiFi Router Supports QOS, parental controls, and even MU MIMMO and OFDMA technology.

dualband wifi

The highlight of this router is the ability to integrate with Amazon Alexa. This will enable it to perform various Smart Home features incorporating Alexa.

7. ASUS RT-ACRH17 (AC1700)

This is a high speed Dualband WiFi Router packed with High end features you can own right now!

asus arch 17 india buy

This Wireless router is powered by a quadcore processor running on 256 MB RAM. How great is that? This enables you to control and optimize network (both LAN and WAN) traffic effectively and efficiently.

There is also a USB 3 port for media storage. This router gives a longer range WiFi network using the 2.4 Ghz signal (400 Mbps) and a high speed network with 5 GHz signal (1300Mbps).

This is also equipped with latest 802.11ac and 3×3 MU-MIMO technology.

dual band wifi router Asus Arch 17

There are four external antennas with beamforming controls and you can set it up in a matter of minutes using companion ASUS router app. Download the App, switch ON the device and you are done with 3 easy steps.

8. Synology RT1900ac

This is an affordable but still highly performing WiFi router available online. Along with all the benefits of a highspeed dual-band WiFi Router, this Router can act as a NAS server. Yes you read that right!

best dual band wifi router india
Synology RT1900ac

This is a high-speed 2.4+5GHz Gigiabit router with long coverage area. With beamforming support, Quality of service to totally control your network, intuitive parent controls, and 600 + 1,300 Mbps speeds.

synology wifi router india
Synology RT1900ac

If you own or if you are interested in setting up a NAS server, then this one is for you. The best thing is, this router supports Wake-on-LAN over QuickConnect which is a great advantage if you are into playing with NAS server. There is USB3 ports where you can connect hard disks and USB devices for easy high speed data transfer.

9. TP-Link Archer A9 or C9 Router

Here, we have 2 routers. Archer C9 and A9 series. This is also a high speed Dual-band WiFi router that can provide you with long-range wireless network and high-speed internet.

This router is also equipped with MU MIMO and even have 3 dedicated data streams that will in optimizing the performance by enabling better communication methods with other devices.

TP link ac1900 india

Like mentioned earlier, this is a dual band WiFi Router that means it can support both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wifi network (600Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and 1300Mbps on the 5GHz band.). The difference is that A9 comes with inbuilt Alexa support.

alexa wifi router in india

10. NETGEAR Nighthawk R6700 (AC1750)

This is the last on eon the list of Best Dualband WiFi Router available in India – NETGEAR Nighthawk R6700 (AC1750). High Speed, Long Range with highly customizable settings. It can be optimised to anything you want – Gaming, live streaming, downloading, what else do you want and you have it here.

This is the best router avaiable in the affordable price range which can be used effortlessly and effectively for online gaming.

netgear night hawk wifi router india

This router can connect and deal with more than 12 devices at a time. Even though it looks like it have 3 antennas, it is actually equipped with 6 antennas (3 on the inside and 3 on the outside) with can give us high speed dual band (theoretical speeds of 1,750 Mbps (400 + 1350).

netgear night hawk specification
Dual band WiFi Router In India
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Best WiFi Antennas of 2019

Here is a list of External WiFi Antennas that can help you boost the speed of your WiFi network.

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