Gesture Controlled Robot Arduino & PAJ7620 Gesture Sensor

Arduino Gesture Controlled Robot

Hey guys, welcome back. In this post, I am gonna show you how you can make this Gesture Controlled Robot using Arduino and PAJ7620 Gesture  Sensor. I will explain what PAJ7620 Sensor is, detect various hand gestures and how to control this robot using this sensor. Let’s Get Started.

The  Robot  Chassis

This is the robot chassis I used to make my BLE Robot. I got this kit Not only this one, they have so many types of robot frames, motors and almost all the sensors for doing arduino, raspberry pi and other electronics and hobby projects.

Robot Chassis โ€“ย Get it Now

You will get all these things for a cheap price with really fast and quality shipping.

And the great thing about this kit is they provide all the tools you need to assemble the frame together.

PAJ7620 Gesture Sensor

PAJ7620 Gesture Sensor is a quick and easy way to add gesture control to your Arduino or Raspberry Pi Project. This tiny little sensor can recognize various hand gestures such as moving your hands up, down, left, right, forward, backward, clockwise, anti-clockwise and  waving . It employs an in built proximity sensor which can sense approaching and departing objects.

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PAJ7620 Gesture Sensor

This is a simple board, connections are pretty easy and you wont need more than 2 minutes to set this up. You can use any arduino board like Uno, nano, micro or MKR series boards but here i will be using WEMOS D1 Mini.

HC12 Wireless Module

HC12 Wireless Module Arduino Robot
HC12 Wireless Module

Here I will be using HC12 wireless module for sending data from the Sensor to the robot. It  is one of the most commonly used wireless modules in the field of robotics and other remote control applications. it is very easy to use and have a very long range communication; upto 1 KM LOS.

Making Arduino Gesture Controlled Robot

I hope you have seen my previous video on the remote controlled robot – The Robotin6.

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How to Make an Arduino Gesture Controlled Robot – Video Tutorial

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Arduino DIY Gesture Controlled Robot

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Making the Gesture Controlled Robot

For ease, we will be dividing the Arduino Gesture Control Robot Tutorial into two parts – The Transmitter and The Receiver.

The Transmitter of the Gesture Controlled Robot consist of PAJ7620 Gesture sensor which senses the gesture, an Arduino that process the signal and a HC12 Wireless module that will transmit the signal to the Receiver

The Receiver part consist of a HC12 wireless module that receives the signal from the Transmitter module, an Arduino which will process the signal and drive our Arduino Gesture Controlled Robot.

1. Transmitter – PAJ7620 Gesture Sensor

First, the Transmitter. we will set this up on the breadboard.

2. Connections

Connections are pretty simple – Follow the below connections

PAJ7620 – Arduino

  • Vin to 3.3 V
  • Gnd to Gnd
  • SCL to SCL
  • SDA to SDA

Then we connect the HC12 module.

HC12 to Arduino

  • Vin to 5V
  • Gnd to Gnd
  • Tx to Rx
  • Rx to Tx

3. The Code

Now the code. This code is similar to the one we used in the previous tutorial. This uses I2C protocol to read data from the sensor and pass it onto the serial pins where we connect HC12 wireless module.

Click Here to Download the Code

4. The Receiver

The Transmitter is now ready, now we will set up the receiver.

5. The Connections

In the receiver side, the circuit is same as that of the previous Arduino RC robot.Click here and get the bot!!!

6. The Code

Now onto the code. We will receive the data from the remote controller. As I mentioned earlier, the hardware and circuit is exactly the same as that of the previous robot. In the receiving unit, I used Arduino nano clone here.

Download the Code from here.

First we read the data coming from the HC12 module to a variable named โ€˜inputโ€™. This โ€˜inputโ€™ contains the string which was sent by the transmitter module.

You can now use this variable to drive your robot the way you want.

The Amazing Robotin6

Arduino RC Robot

If you are an Arduino enthusiast, you will surely like my 6 Wheel Drive Off Road Crawler with Suspension using Arduino. Click here to see the demo!! Subscribe my channel for more updates.

Take care Guys.. See you next week..

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