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Adafruit PyGamer | Circuit Python, Arduino & Makecode Arcade

What is Adafruit PyGamer?

Adafruit PyGamer - Arduino Game Board
Adafruit PyGamer

This is Adafruit’s handheld dev board that can run circuit Python, Arduino or Microsoft’s makecode arcade. It’s a pretty small device packed with all sorts of hardware. It’s built for creative development and it’s fully open source. It’s designed for beginners just getting started, as well as experienced programmers.

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Adafruit PyGamer Hardware

On the front are five neopixel LEDs for animations and effects. There are an analog thumbstick and four user buttons to keep it simple. It’s got 1.8 inch TFT color screen for displaying retro graphics. It’s got feather compatible headers so it works with Adafruit feather wings 8 MB of storage as well as an SD card slot for extra storage. It also hasa powerful speaker and stereo headphone jack .

Arduino Game Board

There is a 3 STEMMA connectors – two 3-pin with ADC/PWM capability and a 4 pin that connects to I2C.

Other Sensors

  • Light Sensor
  • Accelerometer – Detects Taps and Free Falls

It’s all powered by the ATSAMD 51, running at 120 megahertz, with 512 K of flash and 192 K of ram.

Adafruit PyGamer Programming

You can program an upload code via USB and recharge the lipo battery. With Arduino support, you can write C++ directly for the hardware; it’s great for running fast code like an emulator, so you can play ROMS and enjoy the classics.

You can also use Arduino gaming platforms such as gamebuino and arduboy. If you’re a game developer you can experiment with different platforms; so whichever platform you like, it’s really easy to switch between them. Adafruit PyGamer brings all of these together in one device and you can play lots of different games.

MakeCode Arcade and PyGamer

MakeCode Arcade is the easiest way ever to program games; all you need is a web browser. The built-in drag-and-drop code blocks make game development fun and easy. It’s got a smart editor with collision detection, particles and hardware controls, you can use it for prototyping games or as a tool for teaching students.

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Circuit Python and PyGamer

You can program hardware using Python code the code is interpreted right on the PyGamer. It’s a great high-level language with a fast dev cycle. Adafruits libraries have support and drivers so you can program all sorts of sensors.

AdaFruit PyGamer

The docks of everything you need to get started; use demo code and project examples to get up and running. Lots of gamer features, lots of pins and ports so get creative and make some crazy projects.

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Adafruit PyGamer | Circuit Python, Arduino & Makecode Arcade
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