Kali Linux 2018.1 Features, Tools, Download and Upgrade

So far, Kali Linux has been the best and most widely used penetration testing OS used by hackers as well as pentesters. During 2017, 3 different versions of Kali Linux was released which came up with a so many new features including support for some new Wireless Card Injection, CUDA GPU support and Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure Availability and wide varieties of awesome new tools.

Kali Linux 2018.1

Kali Linux have now released the first version of this year – Kali Linux 2018.1. This version includes all the patches, bug fix and so many new updates and improvements on currently available tools and drivers. This is now available for download.

Features and Upgrades

Kernel Updates – In Kali Linux 2018.1, the kernel version has been updated to 4.14.12.

Improved Memory Storage – With the introduction of 5-level paging, which is supported by Kernel Version 4.14, 64 TB of physical address space has been increased to 4 PB and 256 TB of virtual address space to 128 PB.

Tools Update – WiFi penetration testing tools such as reaver, pixie WPS, web application security testing tools such as Burp Suite, dbeaver, seclist, Zaproxy and secure-socket-funneling have also been updated and various bugs have been fixed.

AMD Secure Memory Encryptiont – That can prevent cold boot attack on system

How to Upgrade

If you have a previously installed version and you don’t want to lose all the data, you can simply upgrade the current version to the new one.

For a complete upgrade, simply execute the following commands in the terminal.

apt update && apt full-upgrade



Kali Linux 2018.1 is now available for download in their official website, follow this link and grab the latest image. You can either dual boot along with windows or install it in a VM. Click below link to download Kali Linux 2018.1Download

Images are also available for Virtual Machines, so that you can directly download the image and add it to Virtual Box. ARM images for Raspberry Pi, Ordroid etc are also available.


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