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Hey guys, welcome back to RootSaid. In this post, I am gonna show you how you can get high-quality electronic components for your hobby projects for a cheap price. LCSC Electronics.

lcsc review

One of the world’s leading electronic component providers. Let us get to know more about it. In this post, I will be reviewing various aspects of LCSC electronics – I will explain the quality, UI of website, LCSC Shipping, packaging and customer service. I will also show you how you can order PCBs from the LCSC website. Stay Tuned.

LCSC – Worlds Leading Electronic Component Distributor

LCSC is a professional electronic components supplier. They provide different electronics components such as IC, Passive components, Sensors, and various modules to be used with Arduino as well as Raspberry Pi, etc for your DIY project or for your industrial requirements.

electronic component manufacturer

 With their high-speed delivery network, you will get the components for your projects in no time.

Best Quality Components

online electronic components

Talking about the quality, we get amazing quality electronics components. I have used LCSC a few times for ordering tiny components as well as modules for my hobby projects and office use.

Always quick and good. I personally find soldering the components on the PCB a fun task, because of neat and tidy leads of the components, soldering becomes very easy. The solder takes up the conical shape and gets soldered from all the sides evenly. 

Wide Collection of Surface Mount Components

online smd purchase

Surface Mount Technology is the technique of assembling PCBs by mounting the components on the surface of the board. Unlike the traditional method of placing the components through holes and soldering them on the other side, in SMT, the components are placed over the board and the leads are soldered on the same side. 

Surface mount device or SMD are the components that are specifically designed to be used for SMT. That means they are specifically designed to be soldered over the top of the PCB.  There are a wide variety of SMDs available in LCSC platform which are ready to be purchased with a few clicks. Whether you are a hobbyist or a hacker LCSC got you covered.

Cheap Price

They have pretty much everything for incredibly cheap. For example, the classic 20 pin SOIC DS3232 RTC is $9.59 on mouser, $3.44 on LCSC. 

User Interface

lcsc tutorial

They have got an amazing user interface which will help even beginners to get started with PCB building without any issues.

Nice online order form, easy component select UI, no issues with PayPal, and we get to watch the progress of my order online. There are so many filtering options which will enable others to find the right component for your project in a matter of seconds.


online smd purchase

About the payment, you have three payment options available upon checkout which are

  • Paypal
  • Credit Card (VISA, Master or American Express)
  • Wire Transfer (valid for an order value of over $500)

Payment through LCSC is safe because all payments request and responses are SSL encrypted. All payments must be made in US dollars as LCSC can only accept USD through those three methods. 

Cancellation and Refund

On one occasion, I made a mistake while selecting the component but I didn’t even notice after I paid complete money. Even though the payment was completed, I was able to cancel the order and they refunded me immediately in full and told me what was wrong. I corrected my error and all was well.

They do have amazing user friendly customer service agents that will help you with each and every steps. 

Packing and Delivery

lcsc review

LCSC is very professional in having the right UI to filter and select your components, has very cheap prices and helped me great when my parcel was lost in the post. They reshipped free of charge and arrived within weeks!

They do take ultimate care of our components. Inside the box, you will find that the envelope has a soft wrap inside it. Also the components are sealed inside a plastic wrap.This ensures that our components don’t get any physical damage during the transportation.


online electronic component purchase

LCSC does offer a global shipping service with the support of mail carriers such as FedEx, EMS, DHL, SF International Standard Express and so many other with varying delivery time as well as price. Whichever courier service you select, you will get it before estimated delivery time.

Find more information about shipping here.

How to Get Your Components from LCSC?

Step 1 – Create a Free Account

Firs thing to do is create a free account.

lcsc homepage

However, an account is not mandatory for ordering from LCSC website. But it makes it easy for you to buy things from LCSC in the future.

Step 2 – Search for the component

Now you can search for the component you want in the search box.

electronics components buy online

You can apply various filters which will make it easy for you to find the components you are looking for.

order online electronics

Step 3 – Add to Cart

Once it is done, you can add the components to your cart. Make sure you select the right quantity.

For some components there is a minimum quantity you need to add to cart to make the purchase. 

Step 4 – Check Out

If you have added everything you need to the cart, you can now proceed to check out.

Step 5 – Placing the Order

On the next page, you have to provide the delivery address, the shipping info, and payment information.

online electronics

Step 6 – Receiving the order

The components will be packed and shipped within days and will be delivered to your doorstep within the mentioned time period.

There is an order details page, where customers can see what stage their order is at, all the way from the order submission to the final delivery process. 

Conclusion – Why LCSC?

What I found impressive about it is, I didn’t even get a single complaint regarding the components service or delivery. For the first time, I was able to get fault free components at low cost. I was getting components within a week from the date I ordered. Components were tested and verified.

electronics compoents online order

Overall we are very impressed with LCSC’s speed, quality, and price. The user interface to order the components is very easy to use. The order for the components went out on a Friday and they were shipped to our team by Wednesday afternoon. Of the 7 components that we ordered, all 10 are flawless and great quality. We will surely order from them again.

Written by Jithin

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