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MATRIX Voice Alexa Raspberry Pi Easy Setup

In this tutorial, I show you how to set up MATRIX Voice Alexa in your MATRIX Voice/Creator Device. Before going into this, it would be good if you know what a MATRIX Voice is and what it can do.
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MATRIX Voice Alexa

Components Needed


Step 1 : Setting Up Raspberry Pi

Download and burn latest Raspbian image  to a micro SD card and insert it into the raspberry Pi. Now power it up with a power adapter that can provide at least 2.5 Ampere. Now fire up your terminal and create a password for the user ‘pi’ by executing the command
sudo passwd pi
Connect your Raspberry Pi to a WiFi router or Wired network and make sure it is connected by checking whether it is getting an IP address from the switch. Now perform and update and upgrade by running
sudo apt update -y 
sudo apt upgrade -y
sudo apt install npm oracle-java8-jdk

Step 2 : Set Up a Developer Account in Amazon

Now go ahead and create a free developer account at developer.amazon.com. Now, we will use this account to create a new product. Select Alexa tab and click on Get Started on Alexa Voice Service. Fill up all the details as shown in the screenshot Once completed, click on ‘Next’. Its almost complete all you have to do is set up a Security Profile.

Security Profile

In this page we will create a new Login with Amazon (LWA) security profile. Click Create New Profile. Provide a name and add a short description for your security profile, then click Next.Refer the screenshot for more details. At this point, a Client ID and Client Secret will be generated for you. Take a note of it as we will be using it in the future. Here we have to add two sets of URLs. Allowed Origins
  • http://localhost:3000
  • https://localhost:3000
Allowed Return URLs
  • http://localhost:3000/authresponse
  • https://localhost:3000/authresponse
Click Finish Now your product has been successfully created and newly created Security profile has been linked to your device. In the Products list, you will see your new product and view your product ID. Click on Manage button and you will see your Client ID and Client Secret. Now we have ProductID, ClientID, ClientSecret

Step 3 – Installing MATRIX Voice Software

First add the repository and do an update by running the below commands.
curl https://apt.matrix.one/doc/apt-key.gpg | sudo apt-key add -
echo "deb https://apt.matrix.one/raspbian $(lsb_release -sc) main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/matrixlabs.list
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
Now install the Matrix software
sudo apt install matrixio-malos libmatrixio-creator-hal-dev
Now reboot the Pi
sudo reboot

Step 4 – Setting Up Alexa Sample App

Clone the sample app from github and install it using the automated install script.
cd /home/pi/Desktop
git clone https://github.com/matrix-io/alexa-avs-sample-app.git
cd alexa-avs-sample-app

Running MATRIX Voice Alexa

MATRIX Voice Alexa is now completely set up. Now open up 3 Terminals in your Pi
Terminal 1
cd ~/Desktop/alexa-avs-sample-app/samples
cd companionService && npm start
Terminal 2
cd ~/Desktop/alexa-avs-sample-app/samples
cd companionService && npm start
This will open up a new browser window and you will be asked to login using your amazon credentials. You’ll be taken to a Dev Authorization page, confirming that you’d like your device to access the Security Profile created earlier.
Terminal 3
cd ~/Desktop/alexa-avs-sample-app/samples
cd wakeWordAgent/src && ./wakeWordAgent -e sensory
Now you can interact with your MATRIX Voice Alexa. Try asking the usual question – Alexa, Whats the time now? Alexa, How many Kilometers from Washington DC to Miami beach? If you have any doubts, please feel free to open a topic and ask it in our forum. Rate the Project Did you find this page useful? Help us to improve by rating this page.
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  1. hi, this helps me a lot!!!
    still i gotta ask a single question.
    in the progress of opening 3 terminals and typing the codes in the article, codes going in terminal 1 and terminal 2 looks exact same to me… and when I really type it with my raspberry pi, it says port 3000 already used(terminal 2). Do you know why this happens?

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