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Arduino Gesture Sensor PAJ7620 Tutorial

Hey guys, welcome back. In this post I will be talking about the Arduino Gesture Sensor – PAJ7620. I will explain what PAJ7620 Gesture Sensor is and How to connect PAJ7620 Gesture Sensor to Arduino. Lets Get Started… Components Needed PAJ7620 Gesture Sensor Arduino Board (or Wemos) Bread Board About PAJ7620 Arduino Gesture Sensor PAJ7620…

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DIY Aquarium pH Meter using Arduino

What is pH? We learned in class that water, or H2O, consists of Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules. Neutral water is given a pH of 7. It contains equal amounts of element ions (H+) and hydroxide ions (OH-). Adding chemicals and minerals modifies the balance of these ions and alters this neutral state. Increase the amount…

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PH Sensor Arduino | PH Meter for Arduino

Arduino pH Meter Introduction AAs you all know, pH is a very important unit for measurement of acidity/basic nature of solutions. pH measurement is widely employed in almost every aspects of our life of applications such as agriculture, industries, environmental pollution monitoring, wastewater treatment and in research and development. pH is a measure of the…

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