Raspberry Pi 4 can do amazing jobs. Technologists typically utilize it to build media centers, file servers, vintage gaming consoles, and net ad blockers. This is just an idea about the capability of the Raspberry Pi 4.

What is Raspberry Pi 4?

The newest version of the Raspberry Pi computer is the RPi 4 Model B. It’s different from other devices and is similar to a computer or laptop but smaller. This is $35 but the $55 4Gb ram version is better.

Raspberry Pi as WFH PC
Raspberry Pi 4

Many internet projects are already using Raspberry Pi to build tablets, laptops, robots, and smart mirrors, and they are only at the beginning of this. Raspberry Pi 4 performance allows developers to create new applications to decode 4K video, faster storage USB 3.0, and Gigabit Ethernet access. Additionally, the Raspberry Pi first officially supports dual [email protected] displays.

What Can You Do with Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi can be used for any purpose. For starters, an affordable Linux desktop can be good for educational purposes. You can also build robots as well as construct a 3d printer.  

Linux makes Raspberry Pi highly convenient. As it offers absolute freedom. From SSH access, installing library, USB, GPIO, to hardware support. 

How Do I Get Started with The Raspberry Pi 4?

In its simplest setup, Raspberry Pi is nothing more than a basic board. It will require a power source, display,  a micro-HDMI connector, and a mouse and keyboard.

Things you can do with Rasberry Pi 4

These are the Top 11 Things You can do with your Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi for Everyday Use – Pi can be used for any purpose and can do amazing jobs. Let’s see what you can do with your Pi.

Most asked Questions about Pi

The simplest method to get the RPi operating is to use NOOBS. Guidance on how to go over the installation process is given. The installer provides a selection of OS to install, but Raspbian is excellent for new users. Raspbian is simple enough for anyone to understand. The OS was recently updated in an effort to make it look more minimalist. It incorporates a browser, office suite, programming tools, and software.

Choosing the Best OS for your Raspberry Pi 4

The Raspberry Pi performs best when paired with a great OS. It is capable of running several general-purpose os. Pre-Installed web, productivity, and programming applications come standard with Operating systems. It is significant to choose a suitable OS for the Raspberry Pi. Linux, for example, offers a great deal and may prove beneficial to you.

Things you can do with Rasberry Pi 4

These are the Top 11 Things You can do with your Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi for Everyday Use – Pi can be used for any purpose and can do amazing jobs. Let’s see what you can do with your Pi.

Awesome OS for Raspberry Pi 4

The performance is more than satisfactory, the configuration is adaptable, and the price is reasonable.  Additionally, the 2Gb/4Gb models performed well. Use either 2Gb or 4Gb of the Pi’s memory for office work. And it should be good if you’ll avoid the 1GB version.

1. Use Raspberry Pi 4 as your Desktop PC

The Raspberry Pi can also function like a traditional PC. To get the Raspberry Pi setup, you will also require a microSD card, an HDMI cable, and a display. Additionally, you will require a mouse and keyboard. 

Newer models of the Raspberry Pi and RPi 3 include WiFi and Bluetooth built-in. On the other hand, old models require USB dongles to be plugged in. Most Pi models have Ethernet ports, excluding the Pi Zero. You’ll also get the pre-installed LibreOffice with the Chromium browser.

Learn more about using Raspberry Pi 4 as a Desktop PC.

Things you can do with Rasberry Pi 4

These are the Top 11 Things You can do with your Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi for Everyday Use – Pi can be used for any purpose and can do amazing jobs. Let’s see what you can do with your Pi.

Using Raspberry Pi as Dekstop PC

2. Create a Media Center using Raspberry Pi 4

Due to its low cost and full HD video capabilities, the Raspberry Pi is an excellent choice for setting up your own media center. It allows you to stream music or video from Raspberry Pi to a television.

The benefit of having a Raspberry Pi is that it can alter the software to achieve your exact need. When choosing a RPi, bear in mind that only the Raspberry Pi 4 is capable of producing 4K output.

Numerous media server solutions for Raspberry Pi are available. These range from dedicated video servers to standalone audio servers, with the majority supporting all types of media.

Examples of the best Raspberry Pi media server solutions:

  • Kodi
  • Emby
  • Plex Media Server
  • Mopidy
  • ReadyMedia

3. Retro Gaming on Raspberry Pi 4

For $50, you can assemble your own retro gaming setup that will run on any HDMI-enabled display. A guide will help you to get things started. Using RetroPie, we’ll be using awesome software that takes care of all your emulation need.

Retro Pi
Retro Pi

RetroPie is a software library that enables the RPi computers to recreate vintage video games. It is the widely known Raspberry Pi project and Raspberry Pi emulation systems available. RetroPie has an interactive design and a simple setup process.

To make RetroPie your own Raspberry Pi emulator, you can use Emulation Station. It covers all main emulators of vintage games that allow you to play Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, Genesis, Atari, and some games on your Pi.

The Model 4 is clearly the best choice if you still don’t have Raspberry Pi.

4. Build Awesome Robots using Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi is a small computer, not much more than that. It’s not simple as you may think, however. The Raspberry Pi gives you the freedom to construct whatever you can think of.

Things you can do with Rasberry Pi 4
Things you can do with Rasberry Pi 4

There is one great advantage of the Raspberry Pi board: it has a row of GPIO pins on the top edge. General-purpose input/output is known as GPIO. The pins are used to establish a physical connection to the outside world. The device works on a simple on/off principle: you can enable/disable (input) the device or the Pi can enable/disable it (output).

Because the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins are connected to electronic circuits, it is capable of controlling and monitoring the outside world. The Raspberry Pi is capable of switching on and off LEDs, controlling motors, and performing other tasks. Additionally, it can detect when a switch is pressed, determine the temperature, and even determine the presence of light.

The Raspberry Pi GPIO pins cannot be used directly to control a motor, as it requires a variable supply of 5v. To accomplish this, you must run it on a separate power source. An interesting option is  to incorporate this capability into a motor controller add-on board.

Things you can do with Rasberry Pi 4

These are the Top 11 Things You can do with your Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi for Everyday Use – Pi can be used for any purpose and can do amazing jobs. Let’s see what you can do with your Pi.

Create one yourself!

The Raspberry Pi 4 can be utilized in the following applications:

  • Use it as a robot workstation that doesn’t need extra pc.
  • Adding sensors to your robots program for example a vision sensor
  • Integrate artificial intelligence into your prototype for study reasons.

For robotics, RPi board is a perfect option. The footprint is super small, yet the processor is good enough to handle complex applications such as ROS and OpenCV.

5. Setup Home Automation and Get Started with IoT

First, the objective is to be capable of controlling electrical equipment throughout your home. Additionally, you may link your Raspberry Pi to pre-existing devices like Alexa and Google Home.

Once the devices are connected successfully to your Pi, you can now find a convenient location to determine how to sync devices. The outcome can be rather stunning, and your home will be “smarter.”

Home Automation using Arduino

If you’re really focused on home automation, you may use systems that home automation companies offer, including some that are free. Another option is to have software installed on Pi. And the best way to achieve greater control and satisfaction is to create your own solutions.

Home automation is a real-world use of the IoT. And IoT has advanced even beyond that. In some cases, all of the Raspberry Pi works in this post are IoT projects.

Make your own Home Automation System using Raspberry Pi 4

6. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

If you’re planning for a smart mirror project, this might cost a little more in your pocket. But the money you will use on it is really worth it. It is also useful for doing many things from home automation to face recognition.

The basic concept is to make a mirror “smarter” by integrating it with dynamic informations. This could be some reminders or a daily to-do list, and many more. However, you can also customize what is presented on the mirror based on the person — applying facial recognition. If you live with more than one person, each person can have their own “profile” on the RPi smart mirror.

Augmented reality is another option. With that we can add filters or virtual clothing when we look in the mirror.

7. Make your own Google Assistant and Alexa

If you have a Raspberry Pi at home, you can easily configure it to act as an assistant in your home. To begin, you’ll need to utilize a compatible connection, download some software on the Raspberry, then boot it up.

Now, with increased control, you may expand and incorporate any feature you desire. Many open source project for home assistants is available, all of which are very customizable.

Generally, the more control you wish, the more difficult the job will be. Furthermore, the more things you can understand, the better.

8. Create Your Own Web Server

Another excellent application for a Raspberry Pi is to have it as a web server. This simply implies that it is capable of hosting a site or hosting your weblog.

Things you can do with Rasberry Pi 4

These are the Top 11 Things You can do with your Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi for Everyday Use – Pi can be used for any purpose and can do amazing jobs. Let’s see what you can do with your Pi.

Make your own Web Server

Several approaches are available. To start going, you’ll need to have Apache and its libraries. You can also use LAMP stack installation that would involve installing PHP and MySQL with Apache. Having FTP is also good. After that, you should then be able to save HTML files into the /www/ directory, and the webserver is complete. In addition, you may also use a web application like WordPress.

9. Start Coding! Learn the Easy Way

One of the Raspberry Pi’s primary objectives was to inspire children’s interest in coding. However, not only children can learn to code on a Raspberry Pi. Adults can also take advantage of the built-in coding capabilities.

For beginners, there are a few elements of Raspbian software that can assist with basic programming. Among them is Scratch, which is essential.

Make coding a hobby

Scratch is an easy-to-use block-based coding tool.  Instead of inputting lines of codes, you just drag the commands where you want them. The commands you issue may be seen in the code-view, and they will affect the actual code, which you can then export as a program to run.

Scratch is both easy and complicated when it comes to coding. That’s all you need to know about learning to code with a RPi and Scratch.

10. Home Surveillance System

Have you ever questioned how to install a surveillance system in your home? Perhaps to keep an eye on your children or act as a home security system?

In a variety of fields, including banking and personal security, surveillance is extremely important. The overall rise in home invasion and theft has proven surveillance to be an excellent source of security for monitoring systems. People now are increasingly dependent on advanced technologies for their safety.

CCTV have confirmed to be popular due to their cost-effectiveness and ease of maintenance. 

The Raspberry Pi camera module is utilized when the PIR sensor detects movement. This process will determine when motion is detected and look for faces in the images captured. If the face isn’t recognized, it will send an alert.

11. Live Streaming using Raspberry Pi

For personal or security purposes, you can use live-streaming video cameras. In the market, a number of webcams, camcorders, and mirrorless cameras are accessible that support streaming live video. However, these things are pricey.

Raspberry Pi Camera for Wireless Surveillance
Raspberry Pi Camera for Wireless Surveillance

Develop a camera with WiFi access that can stream live video. The project offers different devices, so it is fun to use because you can view the project live from a pc, ipad, or mobile. In addition, you can move the lens wirelessly for wide-angle views. Some other amazing feature is that you can use this camera to take an image or begin recording video whenever it detects movements. 


With the Raspberry Pi 4 board you can begin an endless variety of projects. A project is one of three things: easy, hard, or expensive.

Although this list is not extremely detailed, you will be able to come up with many more ideas on your own. If you are seeking ideas for what to do with your Raspberry Pi, then look some further. The entire list is meant for you—all you have to do is pick one project and commit to it.

Raspberry Pi 4

Important thing to remember is that for the majority of projects, you can either use pre-existing software or create the entire system from scratch. This is beneficial because you will achieve results. Regardless of whether you prefer to do things independently or to have something that works automatically. Choosing the harder option will undoubtedly result in an increase in your knowledge and skills in areas such as Raspberry Pi, coding, web development, hacking, and many more.

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