What is an Automatic Cooling System?

Smart cooling system, which adjusts the speed of cooling fan efficiently according to rising in the temperature of a device and vise versa. It has an LCD monitor which eases the analysis of temperature data, fan status, power indication.

Components Needed

Arduino UNO, LM35 IC, L293D driver IC,16×2 LCD, RESISTORS, SOME LEDs, PCB, 5V relay, terminal connector, 12V fan, 12V battery OR SMPS, plastic case, label

Working of Automatic Cooling System – Explained

The project works on the basis of a proportional controller. Every device works effectively and efficiently at a specific temperature range. In this project, a device whose working temperature range is used from its datasheet.

This range is then subdivided into small divisions and mapped with the temperature data analyzed from the temperature sensor. Thus the Arduino will send the required PWM signal to the motor driver IC to control the speed of the fan. The fan will not work all the time when the device is working, it only gets activated when the temperature increases. Thus we can save the unwanted power wasted in the cooling system. If the temperature exceeds the maximum temperature that the device can handle then the relay module gets activated and supply to the device will cut off.

Where can we use this Project?

1. This can be integrated with IoT and thus we can develop a universal coolpad by providing drivers according to the laptop model. This will help hard-core gamers video creators and Graphics designers…etc to overcome the heating problems faced in the rendering process.
2. This project can be implemented in any area where temperature dependence is a concern.
3. This project can be easily integrated into any pedestal fan or ceiling fan and thus we can develop a normal fan into a smart one at a cheap cost.

Meet the Creator

Sagar S

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