HuskyLens Tutorial | Husky Lens Getting Started Guide

HuskyLens Tutorial – Getting Started

Hey guys, welcome back to RootSaid and in this post, I am going to show you something new. Something I haven’t used before – The HuskyLens. AI-Powered easy-to-use vision sensor which can learn a new object, face, and color just by clicking.

huskylens tutorial

In this HuskyLens tutorial, I am going to tell you what a Huskylens can do. I will show you color recognition, object tracking, face recognition, line tracking and things like that using HuskyLens.

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HuskyLens Getting Started Video Tutorial

What is HuskyLens?

This sensor features built-in algorithms to learn new things through a single click. The HuskyLens provides tinkerers to make their own interactive gesture control, autonomous robots, smart access, and interactive toy. This AI vision sensor provides specific hand gestures and recognizes learned hand movement patterns and feed its position. 

huskylens getting started

So basically what they’ve done is they’ve strapped the camera, some buttons, a little rocker switch serial out, USB which can be used for firmware flashing and power, and a nice screen. In this post, you’re gonna see what it gives you, an idea of just how awesome this can be. So let’s power it up.

HuskyLens Tutorial | Getting Started

Powering Up the Board – First Boot

First, before we get into any of the programming or the coding or whatever Lets us see what it can do by itself. I’m gonna power it up with a battery.

husky lens tutorial

When you power it up and you’ll get the little HuskyLens screen and it boots really quickly.

HuskyLens Navigation

Basically there’s a rocker menu over the top left. If you scroll it, it will show you whatever things it can do.

AI camera

It has things such as face detection, object tracking, object recognition, line tracking, color recognition, tag recognition which only works on smaller QR codes but it does work on QR codes. Then there’s some general settings.

Color Recognition

So I have a couple of things here with different color and I have the HuskyLens here. I’m gonna push the button and select color recognition.

Now I am going to lock the color by clicking this button on the right. Now it has detected and locked this color. As I move the camera down, that box is trying not to jump over to the other color. It is clearly distinguishing between the various colors without any delay.

Object Recognition

Lets try object recognition, I’m gonna take some pictures on the laptop and capture that with the huskylens. We’re going to look at this thing’s object recognition mode.

arduino object recognition

You’ll see, as I’m moving over these images, it’s trying to guess what that object is and it’s actually giving you the percentage that it thinks that what it is.

Face Recognition

Let us look at the face recognition. Go to the menu and select the face recognition. Now to test it, move the camera over an image of the face. About 99 % of the time, it will guess the face correctly.

arduino face detection huskylens

Whats interesting is even on a blurry image it can detect a face. For the most part it’s able to differentiate between that human face and the cartoon face which I think is pretty cool.

Object Tracking.

I am going to take an object like this and put it in front of the HuskyLens. Now I push the button and basically, put the target mark on whatever I want to track and then click this button. As you can see it locks the object and turns that box green.

From now on it’s going to follow it around the screen. Even if it leaves the field of view, when it comes back in, it usually can pick it back up.

You can even program multiple objects and multiple faces.

Line Tracking

Likewise, we can also set the HuskyLens to track the line with a few taps of a button. Select the Line Tracking mode from the navigation and point the camera to the line and click on the right button.

arduino line tracking

Once the button is released, it will start to track the line as the camera moves.


So now you know what all things it does, what do you do with it when you recognize a color or an object? So let’s check that out. The cool thing is that this thing is actually outputting all of this data.

In the next video, I am going to show you how you interface this board with Arduino get the data from the Huskylens, print it on the serial monitor and do some fun stuffs! Stay tune guys!

Written by Jithin

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