Arduino HID Prank | April Fools Prank Using Arduino

Hey guys, Welcome back to RootSaid. Arduino MKR1000 is a tiny board which has inbuilt WiFi chipset which was designed to work as an IOT device. Recently I came to know that, this little board can act as a Human Interface Device such as a keyboard or a mouse. So I thought of using it for playing pranks over WiFi. In this post, I will show you how to prank your friends using ArduinoArduino HID prank.

April Fools Prank using Arduino - Arduino HID Prank
April Fools Prank using Arduino – Arduino HID Prank

Introduction – April Fools Prank using Arduino

In this tutorial, we will be using Arduino MKR1000,  which will act as an HID or a Human Interface Device which will be connected to your friends computer without him knowing. This will also connect to a Wi-Fi network and start a web server at port 80. Using your mobile phone, which is connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can easily access the webpage which is served by the Arduino and you can execute various commands by simply tapping the links on your mobile phone.

Arduino HID Prank Video Demo

Before going further take a look at how we can perform this prank on your friends, acquaintance or your family.

Arduino HID Prank – April Fool Prank using Arduino

Really Fun right? Let’s build one for yourself.

Arduino HID Prank Components Required

  • Arduino MKR1000
  • USB – Micro USB Converter

Lets get started

Here, this tiny board is coded in such a way that, whenever we supply voltage or power it up, it will scan for surrounding WiFi networks. If it finds my mobile phones WiFi network, it will connect to it and starts a web server at port 80. This page can be viewed from any mobile devices or PCs with a Browser.

Arduino April Fool Prank

This Arduino Board can act as HID (Human Interface Device), as a keyboard or mouse and send keystroke through the USB port like a real keyboard. When you connect the Arduino to the USB port of the PC, it will act as a keyboard and send keystrokes.

We can create a webpage which will enable us to execute predefined functions that will send certain keystrokes to the PC to perform particular actions.

For Example

  • Locking the Screen – Win Key + L
  • Opening Notepad and Type a Message – Win Key + R, then type ‘notepad, press enter and type “Test Message”’

And everything you can do with a keyboard or a mouse.

To play the April fool Prank using Arduino, what we do is, we will connect a programmed Arduino MKR1000 to your friends PC when he is not around. As mentioned earlier, it will connect to your mobile phone network and start a webserver at port 80.

You can open the webpage and start executing different functions. Since the USB device is plugged to the USB Port behind the PC, they will be like “WAAAAAAATTT????!!!!”.

Setting Up Arduino HID Pranks using

Download, Install and Setup Arduino IDE

First, we will download and set up the Arduino IDE from the Arduino website. You can install Arduino IDE from Here.

Setting Up Arduino MKR1000

Once you install it, now its time to add Arduino MKR1000 board to the board manager. Then make sure you have WiFi101 library, if not download it from the library manager.

The Code

The code is available on GitHub. You can download it from Here.

Only thing you will want to change in this code will be the ESSID and password. For ESSID, provide your WiFi name and password, enter your WiFi Password.

For now, you can play Arduino HID pranks using this code. We are currently adding more and more functions into the finds. If you would like to contribute, you are welcome.

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Arduino HID Prank | April Fools Prank Using Arduino
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